Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dreams. Sometimes their fun, sometimes they torment you.
I haven't slept well for the past week or so. Mainly because I keep having these dreams that show me instances that are awful to see, knowing I'll never really see them in real life, or I see them everyday. Mostly their about my friends and family. Actually, their mostly about my close friends, (which includes some family) I hardly remember these dreams after I wake up and their nothing like little kids dreams. Their not about monsters, dragons or anything like that. It's more like heart wrenching instances when someone close to you tells you they don't see you the same anymore. I think it might be because of something recent that happened to me. I mean, -it happens but i miss that person dearly. Things get so strange when you're missing something. Do you ever have that instance when you forgot your cell phone at home and, suddenly you can't text your friends for the rest of the day? It sucks, right? You're like, "Darn, why didn't i tell Stacy that yesterday?!" Or, you have a dream about a person that you can't, or haven't seen in a long time, then that person says their gonna be their always, and then you wake up? That's how I been feeling. Luckily, I have my best friend living in the same house as me, (my sister) and she usually know what to say. However, then I realize, "Well, what the hell am I missing?" Sometimes I feel like just missing something or someone is what hurts more, not just that the person is gone. Sometimes, but not all the time. Sometimes you really miss that Hot Wheels car that your brother took and wrecked, "What the heck?! Now I can't do my race car impression!"

Well, goodnite world. Hopefully you'll dream peacefully.


  1. I love you. I've been having bad dreams too.

    xoxo thestoryteller

  2. :( Hope things get better soon. I miss you and your best friend.

  3. Thanks you two. I love you both so much!