Monday, June 7, 2010

When it rains...

I had a fun day yesterday! I realized that sometimes its an unusual thing that makes life awesome.

When I was invited to this dance recital I immediately said I would. Mostly because it was my best friend's show and I actually (believe it or not) kinda like dancing, I think its great. The ride there was almost as good as the actual show, just because I drove and my Dad sat in the back with my brother and picked on him the whole time. We also picked up food and ate in the Hannaford parking lot. It rained like we needed to find an ark, and while running from the car to the school my sister and I got completely soaked! However, I had an absolutely great time at the show! It was awesome. The only problem with me going to these shows is: I come home and get all this stuff in my head about how I would really like to know how to dance, and that maybe I should join something like that. But then reality sets in and the fact that I cannot dance by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes I wish I had great talent like that. Then I remember my real talent: Building, wrenching, and driving automobiles. Which, I love till the death. But someday I'll know someone with great talent like that and it'll be awesome. Maybe I already do, I don't know. What I do know is, I had one of the best rainy days ever and I have to thank my awesome friend for inviting me to it.

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